James Van Der Beek And Wife Kimberly Feel Like They Owe Us An Explanation For Having A Sixth Kid

by Angela Andaloro

James Van Der Beek’s family is getting even bigger. The 42-year-old actor and his wife Kimberly are already parents to 9-year-old Olivia, 7-year-old Josh, 5-year-old Annabel, 3-year-old Emilia, and 16-month-old Gwendolyn.

Now they’re adding a sixth child to their brood.

“I do find with the number six, an explanation seems to be asked for,” James joked to People. “But we love the chaos!”

While James and Kimberly love having a big family, there were some concerns ahead of thinking about baby No. 6. “The biggest concern was having enough one-on-one time with each child,” Kimberly noted. “And it’s getting wildly expensive to travel. But we really felt another child knocking at our door.”

“And when we look at our kids, and they’re a tribe, and they take care of each other, we’re like, ‘You know what? We got this,'” she added.

James and Kimberly do a lot of the work themselves. They don’t have a nanny, although they do occasionally get some help from a babysitter, as well as their housekeeper. James drops the kids off when they attend classes with other children, as they are homeschooled the rest of the time. The couple alternates taking care of bedtime as well.

“It can be exhausting,” James says of their 90-minute nighttime routine. “But we’re so busy, and it’s important to fight for that dedicated one-on-one time, just to give them the space to say what’s on their minds.”

The couple also still makes time for one another. “Now, date nights are on the couch ordering in and snuggling up,” said Kimberly. “I’m down for the couch time!”

Kimberly notes that their lifestyle isn’t for everyone. “I wouldn’t say the more children the merrier is necessarily for everybody,” she explained. “But for us, it works very harmoniously with our lives.”

“We just love our time with all our kids,” James added. “I know the day will come that I will be making pancakes and nobody will be pulling on my pant legs or asking me 20 times when they’ll be ready. And honestly, I dread that day.”

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