Jade Roper Tolbert Shares Underwear Selfie And Candid Message About Recovery 9 Days Postpartum

by Angela Andaloro

Jade Roper Tolbert’s body has been through so much, and she’s showing her appreciation for it. Jade posted a photo of herself in her underwear, holding her 9-day-old baby boy and celebrating her postpartum body.

She gave birth to Brooks Easton Tolbert on July 29, 2019. The quick-moving labor that was just a little bit ahead of time resulted in her giving birth to the little guy in her own bedroom closet.

“Women’s bodies are seriously phenomenal! It’s taking my uterus more time to return to its normal state this time around, but honestly I have never loved my body more than I have this postpartum,” Jade wrote in the Instagram caption accompanying the photo.

The Bachelor in Paradise star noted that she’s recovering from her whirlwind birth physically.

There’s been a little bit more to wrapping her head around her intense labor and delivery experience, however. Thankfully, husband Tanner Tolbert and both their moms were there for her throughout the crazy ordeal.

Jade Roper Tolbert is taking time to celebrate her body after she had a one-of-a-kind birth experience. The 32-year-old Bachelor in Paradise star and her husband and costar Tanner were surprised when she went into labor while watching The Bachelor on July 29.

The couple started to get ready to go to the hospital, but things moved quickly. Jade was in labor for seven hours before giving birth to their nearly 2-year-old daughter, Emerson. She thought she had time to take a bath and get ready before heading to meet her midwife at the birth center.

Tanner was still in the shower, and Jade was in her closet trying to get dressed when she realized that she could already feel her baby boy’s head. She didn’t want to risk giving birth in the car en route to the hospital, so she stayed put.

Thankfully, things went pretty smoothly for an unplanned situation. Both Jade’s and Tanner’s moms were able to be there for the birth. Paramedics from the local fire station took just over five minutes to arrive at the home and assist with the delivery.

“We weren’t shocked that he came early, but we were shocked that he came so fast,” Tanner told People of the whole process. It took just two good pushes before their little boy had made his debut in the world.

Jade welcomed Brooks Easton Tolbert on July 29 at 10:31 p.m., just over an hour after she went into labor. She had a moment of panic when she didn’t hear her son cry, but after some amniotic fluid was cleared, he let out a good wail.

Thankfully, Jade and Brooks were both given a clean bill of health. Processing and moving forward from the experience has been a little tougher on Jade, however.

“Because it was such a fast labor, and my body went through so much in such little time, my recovery has been a little bit harder than it was with Emmy,” she explained, “but we’re just relaxing and just bonding with our baby.”

About a week after welcoming Brooks, Jade took a photo of herself in her underwear holding her newborn baby boy. She reflected on her body’s journey in the caption. “Women’s bodies are seriously phenomenal!” she began. “It’s taking my uterus more time to return to its normal state this time around, but honestly I have never loved my body more than I have this postpartum.”

Jade gave an update on how she was doing following the crazy delivery. “A lot of you have asked about my recovery, and I received several stitches and am slowly healing physically— the mental and emotional healing is hard to put a finger on, but I am giving myself grace to process everything,” she explained.

“But after such an overwhelming labor and delivery, I have so much respect for my body and the journey it’s been on this year to grow and bring this perfect little joy into my life,” she concluded. “So in love, so thankful.”

Now that Jade is home and adjusting to life as a mom of two, she’s been able to elaborate on what happened that day, as well as recover from it. She recently released an episode of her podcast, Mommies Tell All, where she recapped the story with fellow The Bachelor alum and cohost Carly Waddell.

During the episode, Jade acknowledges that the mental recovery was tough. She was in full-blown shock after her delivery, and it impacted her ability to emotionally connect with her newborn. Things are much better now, but she’s still reeling from the experience.

There’s been another unforeseen downside to Brooks’ early arrival. Jade and Tanner were unable to attend the wedding of fellow Bachelor in Paradise alumni Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, in which Jade was supposed to be a bridesmaid.

Despite the wildly unexpected road to this moment, Jade and Tanner are enjoying being a family of four. Their daughter, Emmy, is especially enjoying being a big sister. She loves giving her little brother kisses and hugs already!