I Tried Using A Jade Roller And Rose Quartz Roller On My Face To Test The Benefits

by Kim Wong-Shing
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jade roller i tried

Jade rollers are all the rage in Fancy Skin Care World, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

To see what all the hype is about, I tried using a jade roller and a rose quartz roller. Long story short, I completely get what all the hype is about now!

Jade rollers have been a beloved staple in Chinese skin care routines since the seventh century. Jade is traditionally associated with healing and protective properties, and jade rollers reportedly boost circulation, reduce puffiness, and assist with lymphatic drainage.

These ancient tools have fallen out of favor with the younger generation in China, but somehow they’ve become incredibly popular with American women.

That may have a lot to do with the rise of Fancy Skin Care in general. Women in 2019 use all sorts of elaborate serums and potions, and jade rollers — an indulgent yet affordable tool — fit perfectly into that equation.

The popularity of jade rollers exploded in 2017, when they began appearing all over Instagram and Pinterest. By 2018, every beauty blogger had a jade roller tutorial (‘sup, Lauren Conrad).

Full disclosure: I am not on Team Fancy Skin Care (although I am not opposed to it, either). My skin care routine is almost embarrassingly simple. I just kinda ride the wave of whatever my face decides to do with itself each week.

But I do love small indulgences, and I also like pretty things and crystals. So I decided to give this jade roller trend a try!

I bought both a jade roller and a rose quartz roller, and my one-word review for both products is: YES.

What Is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a handheld tool with two smooth jade stones that roll across one’s face. The roller usually has two ends — a larger crystal on one side and a smaller crystal on the other side.

Jade rollers are purported to have a number of benefits. They are said to stimulate drainage of the lymphatic system, boost circulation, calm the skin, reduce puffiness, and help skin care products penetrate the skin more deeply.

There’s no scientific evidence that jade rollers provide these benefits. But facial massages, and jade rollers specifically, have been a time-honored human tradition for thousands of years, so… they must be good for something!

Some people also believe that jade provides healing benefits. It is, after all, the most precious stone in China and a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s associated with healing, serenity, youthfulness, cleansing, and much more.

However, a lot of jade rollers in the US are not made from actual jade. SCANDALOUS, I know. But genuine jade is a bit rarer these days, so most cheap (under $20) jade rollers are actually made from aventurine, serpentine, or other similar green crystals.

Fortunately, this may not matter to you. As long as you’re buying a real crystal of some kind (instead of, say, plastic), all of the skin benefits above still apply — minus the unique ~healing~ properties of genuine jade.

(If that’s important to you, there are two types of genuine jade to look for: nephrite jade and jadeite.)

Jade Rollers vs. Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose quartz rollers are equally as popular as jade rollers at this point. There are also tourmaline rollers, black obsidian rollers, and amethyst rollers.

In addition to my jade roller, I tried a rose quartz roller to see if there was any difference between the two.

While jade is associated with healing and cleansing, rose quartz is associated with compassion and love. Some people believe that different crystals have different effects on the skin based on their properties. For example, aesthetician Gina Pulisciano tells Healthline that rose quartz is better for calming the skin and reducing redness.

Other than that, all crystal rollers are pretty much the same — they’re all made of smooth crystals that are cool to the touch. They’re used in exactly the same way: to massage the face.

I tried both a jade roller (in this case, I think it’s an aventurine roller) and a rose quartz roller to see if there were, in fact, any differences between the two.

First Impressions

First Impressions
Courtesy of LittleThings Author

When the jade roller and rose quartz roller arrived in the mail, I immediately unwrapped the box and rolled them both all over my face, because I have no patience when it comes to new stuff.

They both came with gem certificates explaining what type of stone they are. They also came with directions, and yes, I did start to read them, but then I ignored them and decided to just wing it.

Courtesy of LittleThings Author

In this video, I happen to be using the roller COMPLETELY WRONG… but having a great time doing it.

Courtesy of LittleThings Author

My first reaction was, and I quote: “Whoa, I don’t even know what’s happening right now, but it’s AMAZING.”

Courtesy of LittleThings Author

Both the jade roller and the rose quartz roller were cooling and relaxing and utterly satisfying. I was excited to put them to good use.

Putting Them to the Test

Putting Them to the Test
Courtesy of LittleThings Author

For the next couple of weeks, I used the jade roller and the rose quartz roller on a regular basis. I rolled once in the morning and once at night at first; then I just did it whenever I remembered and felt like it.

Courtesy of LittleThings Author

Some experts advise you to use the rollers with serums or oils to help the products penetrate. Others recommend using the roller only on a clean face, then applying products afterward.


Courtesy of LittleThings Author

I’m not an expert and don’t have a skin care routine to speak of anyway. Sometimes I rolled rose water or moisturizer into my face. Sometimes I did not.

Mostly, I just enjoyed the cooling and relaxing effect, and they seemed to “wake up” my face after I used them.

For extra cooling power, you can also pop your roller into the fridge or freezer.

OK, How Do I Actually Use This Thing?

OK, How Do I Actually Use This Thing?
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At one point, I went back to the directions and did some more research re: technique. One of the main benefits of jade rolling is that the massage promotes lymphatic drainage, so it’s important to do it properly so that the drainage can happen.

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I learned that you are supposed to roll outward and down from the center of your face. The ~toxins~ need to move downward, so that’s the general direction you should roll in.

Start under your eyes and roll outward toward the hairline, and then down toward the jaw. Then go to the chin and roll out toward your ears. Then roll down the sides of your neck.

Results: IDK but It’s Magical

Results: IDK but It’s Magical
Courtesy of LittleThings Author

After a few weeks, my face looked… OK, it looked the same. I had planned on posting a before-and-after photo of my skin, but that’s truly not necessary. No drastic changes here.

AND YET! I would recommend a jade or rose quartz roller to any human with a face. No question. They are magical and wonderful, and I love them! 

The rollers did have a noticeable effect, even if it wasn’t dramatically visible. They instantly relieved facial tension, and they were refreshing and rejuvenating. My face was brighter and less tired-looking after I used one, not to mention my mood.

Using the rollers felt like a really lovely form of self-care. It was like giving myself a mini face massage at home, and who doesn’t want a daily at-home facial? It encouraged me to take better care of my face in general simply by causing me to pay more attention to it.

Jade Quartz vs. Rose Quartz Comparison

Physically, the jade roller and rose quartz roller felt the same to me. If I had my eyes closed, and you rolled one of them across my face, I would not be able to tell you which one it was.

However, when I had my eyes open, the rose quartz roller made me think of love and compassion and softness, whereas the jade made me think of renewal and healing. They put me into different headspaces.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I spent only $30 on this jade roller and rose quartz roller set, and it was absolutely worth every penny. I do not feel like you need two rollers, necessarily, but… I now cherish both of mine like my own children.