Artist Uses Plain Dishes To Capture The Stunning World Around Her

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

You can paint on just about anything, as long as it has a decent surface.

You can opt for paper, canvas, wood, or even an entire room like the one Airbnb created to look just like a van Gogh painting. Really, if you can think of it, you can probably paint on it.

And artists have been experimenting by splashing their creations on all kinds of things throughout the years.

Artist Jacqueline Poirier knows this well, and she’s made her choice when it comes to painting surfaces. Her choice? Plates!

Yes, plates, just like the kind you eat dinner on. Using plain white porcelain plates, Jacqueline creates landscapes, portraits, and much more.

Her plates are on display at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, where she works as the resident artist. They can be found hanging in the hotel’s dining room, much to the delight of guests.

Her subject matter ranges from celebrity portraits to eye-fooling images of food that look like they can be picked right up, but she also likes to create images of landscapes based on real places.

And she’s able to capture them so perfectly that when they’re held up to their surroundings, they blend right in!

Check out some of her artwork below, and you’ll never look at dishes as mere food-holders again!

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Meet Jacqueline Poirier, otherwise known as the “Crazy Plate Lady.”

She paints on porcelain plates using special porcelain paints, and while her subject matter varies, she enjoys painting landscapes that blend right into their surroundings — especially when she goes on vacation!

Each plate is completely hand-painted, sometimes on location! Other times, she works at her studio at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto.

Of course, sometimes she takes some liberties with the landscapes, and provides an “alternative” to reality with her plates. This grassy area, for example, could really use a fluffy bunny!

And what if a curious horse lived behind this gate?

By lining up her paintings with buildings and horizons in the real world, she can invent a completely unique scene.

And they’re always a little more interesting, like this blue van that’s suddenly become a beautiful beach vista.

She turns everyday items into completely new ones just by holding up one of her plates!

Jacqueline likes to use the world around her as inspiration, and many of her paintings are done in a realistic style, like this landscape that blends right into the real thing.

And it even works at other times of the year!

At the Ritz Carlton, these plates adorn the walls of the dining room, where, Jacqueline says, they spur many a conversation with guests.

And while the plates are painted, they are actually food-safe, thanks to the special paint she uses. They are not, however, dishwasher-safe.

And besides delighting people at the hotel, her work is also available for sale through her website, so people all over the world can appreciate her artwork!

And she also knows that hand-washing isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, so some of her plates are reproductions of paintings, and can withstand the dishwasher.

And thanks to the fact that she can see the artistic potential of just about everything, it looks like we’ll be able to see new work for a long time to come!

Check out more of her work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram, and SHARE with anyone you know who can’t stand boring dishes!