‘Wonder’ Star Says Letters From Kids With ‘Facial Differences’ Help Him Cry On Command

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In the movie Wonder, 11-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay plays Auggie, a young boy with what he calls “facial differences.” The book and movie follow Auggie as he decides he wants to quit homeschooling and go to school with other kids for the first time.

Although Jacob does not have a facial difference like his character, he did his research before getting into the role. Jacob met with kids like Auggie as much as possible — and, as he reveals in the video below, he kept their words and experiences close to him as he worked.

In the video below, Jacob reveals to Entertainment Tonight that he kept a special binder on set with him. The binder was chock-full of letters from and information about kids with facial differences like Auggie. Jacob told ET that he asked the kids to send him the letters — and he read the binder every day before doing serious scenes.

The binder helped Jacob keep Auggie’s experience in the forefront of his mind. He also says it helped him when he needed to cry on command.

I think this is such a touching way for Jacob to ensure he’s doing the best job he can representing people with facial differences!

Check out the video below to hear Jacob talk about his binder and to see a touching moment between him and the parent of a child with facial differences, and please SHARE this story on Facebook!

Photos: Facebook / Wonder; Instagram / Jacob Tremblay

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