Student Holds Up Diploma For The Camera, But Has No Clue Military Brother Is Right Behind Her

by Jess Butler
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Graduation is a student’s time to shine. And it was finally Jaclyn Aubin’s big moment. But she had no clue that she was going to be sharing that spotlight.

Fortunately, it was with someone very special and close to her heart, as the clip below shows.

In it, Jaclyn holds up her BA in psychology from Siena College and smiles for the camera. She’s proud of her accomplishment, and her upbeat attitude proves it.

As she poses, however, her military brother Kyle sneaks in to stand right beside her. She has no clue that the Airman First Class is home at all.

After she’s done posing, she turns to the right and finally realizes her military brother is there for her big day. She shrieks at the sight of her best friend. Even her body collapses — she has to lower to one knee.

The overwhelmed student can’t believe her brother is at graduation, but she finally gives him the hug they have both been waiting for.

As it turns out, Kyle made sure he could make this could surprise happen when he first went to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He coordinated with his family and the college in order to keep it under wraps.

The entire stadium cheers as the two siblings hug each other in the middle of the graduation ceremony. For a moment, nothing else really matters aside from this amazing reunion.

Check out the video provided by Siena College to see Kyle surprise Jaclyn, and please SHARE this story if you are glad to see these two siblings together again!

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