Heather Locklear’s Ex-Fiance And Co-Star Jack Wagner Breaks Silence On Her Hospitalization

by Madison Vanderberg

Heather Locklear was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, June 17, 2018, after she was reportedly acting erratic and suicidal.

She was held in a California-area psych ward and released on Thursday. Entertainment Tonight sat down with Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett, who both starred on Melrose Place with Heather in the ’90s. Heather and Jack were also engaged in 2011 after nearly four years of dating.

Jack opened up about his former lover and co-star’s recent hospital stay.

“We all have our struggles, we all do, and some of us handle them in different ways,” Jack told Entertainment Tonight.

“We all work at getting well, and it’s just about making that decision to do it.”

He also said that only “time will tell” when it comes to Heather’s recovery, but he added, “I love Heather, [I have] nothing but loving thoughts and prayers for her and her family and her daughter Ava.”

It was originally reported that Heather was concerned that her boyfriend Chris Heisser was cheating on her, and, according to the 911 call, she was looking for a gun to kill herself.

“Heather needed to be taken for psych evaluation,” ET reported at the time. “Her family can only hope this will finally be her wake-up call. Her family desperately wants her to check herself into a facility and get long-time care. This pattern has gone on for years, and her closest people are finally using tough love.”

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