Adorable Bird Thinks He’s A City-Destroying Monster From A Movie

by C.B. Dionne
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As lovely as our pets are, many of them have a penchant for destruction. My dog, in particular, loves laundry day.

He happily watches as I fold and stack all of the clean laundry, waits until I walk away for a moment, and promptly knocks the stacks over and makes a nest out of the clothes.

I guess he approves of my fabric softener. Perhaps your dog does something similar — like waiting until you set a delicious (human) meal on the table to dig right in.

While it’s hard to find some of these destructive pet moments funny, this pet bird’s destruction of choice is hilarious.

He slowly walks up to several columns of neatly stacked plastic cups, looks them over, and then systematically knocks them down like a feathered bulldozer. This cup-hating bird occasionally inspects the fallen cups to see if something is inside, but then it’s right back to knocking them over.

There is a moment when he takes a quick breather, but just when you think he’s done with his path of destruction, he continues his plastic cup demolition derby.

This bird’s owners, of course, set up this hilarious destruction — and maybe I’ll try to set it up for my own pet. After all, I’d rather he knock over some plastic cups than ruin my laundry day again!

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