8 Items Joanna Gaines Swears By For Home DIY Projects

by Karen Belz
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If you’re familiar with home design, you’re probably well aware of Joanna Gaines. Not only did Joanna star on the HGTV show Fixer Upper with her husband Chip, but she’s the co-owner and co-founder of Magnolia.

Magnolia is a market that Joanna developed prior to having children.

“Chip and I run a few businesses here in Waco, Texas, but Magnolia Market holds a special place in my heart,” she says on her website. “This entire business idea was born completely out of a dream I didn’t know could ever come to life. It’s truly only because a fiercely faithful, brave, and bold husband pushed me to pursue my dream that it ever came to be.”

As far as women go, Joanna is genuinely inspirational.

Not many people are able to turn a passion into an enterprise. She’s so successful that she even has her own line of items available at Target.

Oddly enough, interior design wasn’t even Joanna’s first career interest. Instead, she majored in communications and hoped to work in television (which she did, but in an unexpected way). Her biggest job was working as an intern on 48 Hours. “As amazing as it was to live on West 57th Street and to work under a man as esteemed as Dan Rather, I quickly fell out of love with the news business while working that job,” Joanna said, according to The Netline.

Luckily, this career path was a perfect fit. Joanna has made a name for herself in the industry. It’s proof that anyone can change careers if they really want to. And it’s also proof that home design and decor are important. Especially these days, if you’ve been hunkered down in your home for a month. One small change can improve your mood and outlook. Luckily, Joanna’s projects and items are easy enough to find online.

If you want to channel Joanna Gaines and make some interior improvements around your house, here are some great items to get started.


joanna gaines

Joanna isn’t afraid to use candles in a lot of her projects, which is nice, since they’re a good way to illuminate your home. When it comes to making gifts for friends, Joanna usually opts for a white candle so that it won’t clash with any of their decor. A candle, along with a small DIY tag and some greens, goes a long way in making a fantastic present or a room accent.

“I also added this small sprig of fresh greenery, which I cut from my garden, because going the extra mile with presentation won’t go unnoticed by your recipient,” Joanna noted in her blog.

Joanna also sells her own candles through Magnolia, if you want to show her some support.

Shop Now: Voluspa Mokara Petite Embossed Glass Jar Candle ($12, Amazon)

Eye-Catching Vases

joanna gaines

Joanna is a fan of flowers. However, she knows that with crafts and gifts, they often have a shelf life. Instead, she’s more focused on the vase that the flowers come in. This is something that you should focus on as well if you’re looking to create bright and colorful displays. Sometimes, a fun-looking vase will give your room the perfect pop of color.

“Rather than spending a potentially large amount of money on a professionally done bouquet, opt to bring fresh greenery from your garden or yard in a unique vessel,” she writes. “I have a whole cupboard full of antique vases, creamers, and jars that I pull from for occasions like this.”

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Whether it’s to use as a way to welcome a guest or a way to keep organized — chalkboards are a homey touch. Joanna’s blog has a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own with pine boards and galvanized sheet metal. But if you don’t have those types of supplies at home, you can buy one and customize it with paint or other accessories.

Shop Now: Small Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard ($21.98, Etsy)

Grapevine Wreaths

joanna gaines

Joanna is a big fan of floral wreaths. And can you blame her? Placed outside of your front door, they make your home seem friendly and welcoming.

“Making a homemade wreath is another unique way to incorporate a variety of floral colors and textures — some of which you can easily forage from your own backyard,” her team writes.

On her blog, she’s listed plenty of DIY crafts for wreaths, and many include a grapevine wreath.

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Terra-Cotta Pots

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There’s a good chance that Joanna’s home is filled with terra-cotta pots. They’re good to have in a ton of situations — from housing succulents and houseplants (both which Joanna sells) to creating your own DIY in-home fire pit for s’mores.

While Joanna has fancier pots available online, these basic pots are great for all sorts of weekend DIY activities. Even getting some paint and having your kids paint pots would be a fun weekend activity.

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Oven-Baked Clay

joanna gaines

Clay has so many uses. You can make your own spoon rest for the kitchen, or just make a sculpture of a pop culture character to liven up your living space. Or you can be like Joanna and take your clay out to the garden.

Oven-baked clay is one of the key components for her DIY plant stakes. So if you’re going to have a big garden this spring and summer, you might want to jump on these so that you don’t mix up your radishes and your carrots.

Shop Now: FIMO Soft Oven-Baked Clay ($2.89, Michaels)


Small Mason Jars

joanna gaines

Mason jars are great for all types of crafts. They’re easy ways to fashionably store leftovers or spices, and they can also be used for drinking glasses in a pinch. They’re also very affordable.

One of Joanna’s top crafts includes Mason jars that are used to store honey. These mini honey pots turn into excellent and thoughtful gifts. So if you happen to know someone who’s a tea fanatic, crafting one of these would be a sweet gift idea.

Shop Now: KAMOTA Mason Jars, 12-pack ($21.99, Amazon)

Hot-Glue Gun

joanna gaines

Crafters know that in certain situations, Elmer’s just won’t cut it. Having a hot-glue gun in the house can make your crafting a lot easier.

For those who dig florals, Joanna and her team put together a tutorial on how to make saucer magnolia flowers. The glue gun is important in making sure the petals stick to the tree branch. So if it’s something you want to try for yourself at home, having a good glue gun is a must.

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