Heroes Rescue Mom 40 Hours After Being Buried Alive, Then She Screams ‘Find My Daughter’

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, tragedy struck as a massive avalanche hit an Italian mountain hotel.

In its wake, Hotel Rigopiano has been left in ruins, and unfortunately, officials fear as many as 30 people could be dead.

Thankfully, rescue workers have not given up the search. A group of 8 people have since been discovered beneath the snow, and they’re alive.

They survived by barricading themselves in the kitchen area for over 40 hours, where they survived off of food found around them and a tiny fire they managed to make amidst the chaos and fear that they wouldn’t make it out alive.

The rescue footage below shows the incredible men and women working with their bare hands to try to get to these people and make sure they’re alright.

First, a young boy is pulled out. The crowd cheers when they see they’ve rescued one survivor, and then again when a few minutes later they pull a woman from the densely packed snow.

A mother is brought out and seems speechless as she walks into the sunlight, but Daily Mail reports that after being pulled from the devastation she begged for rescuers to “find my daughter!”

And that’s what we’re all hoping will happen.

As of now, the two survivors have been sent to the hospital and are fully responsive. With continued attempts to rescue the rest of the people trapped below, everyone is staying dedicated and hopeful in this devastating time.

I hope that, like me, everyone will take the time today to pray for the families who have lost someone, and the families who may still be lost below the ground.

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