Little Girl Gets A Christmas Miracle After Writing A Special Letter To Santa

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

For a little girl named Isla Kerr living in West Yorkshire, UK, it was turning out to be a very bleak December indeed.

Early in the month, little Isla, 7, lost her very best friend, a Boston terrier named Dolly.

The beloved dog disappeared after he was tied up outside of a shop for just a moment in the small town of Sowerby Bridge, not unlike the sweet Yorkie who was snatched from his owners’ car.

For Isla it was a devastating blow right before Christmas, but she quickly decided to take action, and do what she could to save her friend.

Together, she and her mom, Vanessa Meskimmon, put up “lost dog” signs, and told everyone they knew about their lost dog.

Besides, Isla still had one trick up her sleeve.

While mom was posting pleas on Facebook and urging friends and coworkers to share the details, Isla was writing a letter to a man she was sure could help…

When her beloved dog disappeared, little Isla decided to write a heartfelt plea to Santa Claus, saying that all she wanted was to have Dolly back.

Her note reads, in part, “I do not care about presents all I care about is my dog dolly to come home…”

Not only is 3-year-old Dolly a special part of Isla’s life, but she is also a special needs dog that is blind, and requires daily medication.

She is also a beloved member of the family.

In an impassioned plea on Facebook, Isla’s mom Vanessa wrote, “Please if you have Dolly or know who has I just want her home no questions asked… She is part of our family and we are heartbroken. Please help us get her home”

Almost as much as her daughter, Vanessa was frantic with worry after the dog’s disappearance.

She posted flyers all over town, started a Facebook page for the lost pooch, and repeatedly implored the public to keep an eye out for Dolly.

Finally, 5 days after Dolly disappeared, she got a call…

The family isn’t sure whether it was the publicity from Isla’s heartfelt letter to Santa, their tireless grassroots campaign to find Dolly, or, simply, a Christmas miracle —but Dolly had been spotted roaming alone in a local park.

Immediately, Isla’s dad went out to fetch her, and the two buddies were reunited at last!

Now, the two best friends can enjoy the holidays together, more grateful for one another than ever before.

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