Mom Breaks Down While Meeting Baby For The First Time After Testing Negative For Coronavirus

by Amy Paige
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Isabel Gonzalez, 34, tested positive for COVID-19. She was also 34 weeks pregnant at the time.

She gave birth via an emergency C-section at Massachusetts General Hospital.

But Isabel, who was still highly contagious, couldn’t hold baby Victoria. It completely devastated her when she saw her tiny daughter swiftly taken away from her at birth and put into the care of others.

Two days later, Isabel was transferred to the intensive care unit and hooked up to a ventilator … where she remained for the next several weeks.

Thankfully, Victoria grew stronger as each day passed, under the care of Isabel’s loving aunt. Meanwhile, Isabel’s condition only seemed to worsen.

Still, she was fueled by her need to meet her daughter and get back home to her other kids. It’s what pushed her forward and essentially kept her alive.

Forty-four days after her initial diagnosis and after weeks of recovery, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, Isabel was finally cleared of COVID-19 and released from the hospital.

In the emotional clip below, Isabel is wheeled out of the hospital and breaks down as baby Victoria is placed in her arms for the first time in six very long, very arduous weeks.

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