Man Stuns His Girlfriend By Proposing Onstage Right After An Irish Step Dance

by Angela Cook
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Surprise proposals are naturally cinematic by nature — they’re setting the stage for someone’s jaw to literally drop!

In this rather unique proposal, Ben Thomas proposes to his long-term girlfriend of more than three years directly after performing an awesome Irish step dance hand in hand.

It’s safe to say that his girlfriend, Kelly Boardman, was utterly surprised by Thomas’ unexpected engagement proposal and probably loved every second of it. Being that Boardman grew up as a comeptetitive Irish Dancer and Thomas grew up going to the rennaiisance faire, it was the perfect setting for this adorable’s couple’s new engagement.

Not only did Thomas surprise her with a proposal, but he also shocked her when she realized that he had learned the Irish step dance that they perform so well together in the video below. Right before dropping down to one knee, Thomas also made sure to fill everyone in on how their love story has made him the man he always wished he’d become.

A treat for the audience as well as their friends onstage, this couple truly brought a smile to everyone’s face that day.

Their love and admiration for one another was made clear by their adoring reactions to their new engagement.

Luckily, this beautiful moment was captured on camera for all to see and for them to see again in later years.

What a thoughtful proposal this was to watch!

All credit goes to Everything Celtic. Follow their Facebook and YouTube to see updates on performances.

Scroll down to take a closer look at this incredible surprise proposal.

Over five years ago, Ben Thomas moved out to Los Angeles, CA. He met Kelly Boardman more than three years ago.

This beautiful pair are both actors and extremely talented performers. On top of that, we might add that they’re also really photogenic.

The pair has been inseparable ever since, and it’s clear that they share a special bond.

In the video below, Ben states, “Because of her, I became the man I always wanted to be.”

In the touching video below, they take their positions on the stage of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California, in Irwindale, to start an Irish step dance.

But when Ben starts to dance, Kelly realizes that Ben has secretly learned the steps!

From exclaiming “What?” and “Oh my God!” a few times, it’s clear that Kelly had absolutely no idea what he had planned.

They dance in perfect harmony, and it’s truly a beautiful sight to see. Her shock at his dancing skills is also undeniably funny. From all the laughing and clapping, it’s evident that people, onstage and off, also found it pretty hilarious.

As soon as the music stops, Ben decides to fill the audience in on their love story. Kelly’s visible nerves show that she knows what’s about to happen.

What a treat to have attended this show at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire that day.

Be sure to check out this beautiful couple’s Honeyfund after watching their very unique proposal.

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