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Animal Rescue Posts Photo Of Dog Found In Dumpster And Everyone Is Outraged At Her Condition

by Mauricio Castillo
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The staff at the Midwest Animal ResQ named one of their rescue dogs Iris in the hopes that she blossomed into a beautiful dog once she got the love she needed and deserved.

Luckily for Iris, love and support began to pour in from everywhere, especially when things looked their bleakest.

According to the animal hospital, Iris had been found in a dumpster.

It seemed like she had been left there to die.

Iris was discovered with a laundry list of health concerns including mange, open wounds across her body, blood loss, and secondary skin infections.

She couldn’t even stand on her own.

But thanks to the efforts and care giving to her by the good samaritans at the Midwest Animal ResQ, Iris is on the road to recovery but it hasn’t been without its difficulty.

“To get her into the condition she is now, it took months,” said Erin Morse, President of the animal hospital.

According to her, Iris’ condition was so severe that they couldn’t even tell what breed she was. They believed her to be one year old.

After posting about Iris on their Facebook page, the hospital received an outpouring of support and donations from people outraged and concerned about the dog.

You too can help Iris’ cause by following this link.

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Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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