Artist Creates Magical Scenes Using A Needle And Thread

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

There’s no doubt that embroidery is one of the most versatile and charming ways to create art. Practiced for centuries, it’s been a favorite craft of people all over the world, and in some cultures, even a necessary skill for a lady of class.

Today, some people might find embroidery stuffy or boring, but that’s probably because they’re looking in all the wrong places. With a little imagination, embroidery can take on some pretty fantastic and totally unexpected forms, and there are all kinds of talented artists, both male and female, who are exploring this time-honored craft.

One artist is Irem Yazici, who creates detailed embroideries at her shop, Baobap. Working on a fairly small scale, she can create incredibly detailed scenes that look like they come right out of strange fairy tales.

She can create just about anything, from plants and animals to galaxies and landscapes, using just a needle and thread, and you can find yourself looking at one of her creations for a long time, imagining the stories behind her wonderful imagery.

Check out some of her work below, and let us know your favorite. And if you embroider, you might just find some inspiration!

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Artist Irem Yazici creates these gorgeous embroideries that show magical, fairy tale-like worlds, full of mystery, humor, and wonder.

This piece was commissioned by a customer in honor of her cat, who in this image, has grown in size to become a magical steed!

Other times, she creates scenes that are a little more realistic, but no less charming, like this little desert landscape.

And sometimes her work is just a lot of fun, like this distinguished military cat, complete with some seriously beautiful flowers around the border.

Or this old-timey ocean explorer complete with antique diving suit.

Her embroidery also tells stories, or at least parts of them. This bunny getting abducted by UFOs is a great starting place for a story of space adventure, but it’s up to the viewer to make it up!

And others are even stranger, like this cat playing a “sushi banjo”!

Yazici is entirely self-taught when it comes to embroidery, and she started creating these little thread scenes back in 2014.

“Embroidery is the best thing I can do in the world, and [it’s] how I earn my living for now,” she says.

She creates a lot of commissioned work, too, and can even do portraits! Some of her popular requests are these couple and family portraits, that show people surrounded by things they love.

This couple, for example, likes jogging, dim sum, and sleeping!

She also experiments by bringing in other elements to her work, too. This happy little dancing goat has a dress made of a fabric scrap.

Other times, it’s all thread. This summery scene is entirely made of tiny stitches.

Despite being so small, Yazici says that a piece like this takes about seven hours of work.

Her pieces have both a modern and old-fashioned quality, making them timeless. They call to mind ancient folktales, mysterious characters, and legends.

Some are even a little spooky, like this Halloween piece complete with some ghoulish, but kind of adorable, characters.

And it’s not just wall hangings. She also creates wearable items like these cute little pins, which can be worn on clothing, as well as removable collars and change purses.

You can shop for items on her Big Cartel shop, and check out her latest projects on Instagram.

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