Son Cracks Dad’s Ipod, But Doesn’t Realize He’s Recording All The Evidence

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Kids are always so curious. When I was little, I would go around asking questions and wanting to investigate everything around me. I guess I could relate to this little 5-year-old named Michael, who got a little too inquisitive when it came to his dad’s new iPod in 2011.

In the video below, posted on April 18, 2017, Michael is seen picking up a new iPod that belongs to his father, John Vadasz. Michael begins making funny faces for the camera and generally goofing off with the iPod in hand.

Suddenly, in a sequence of dizzy spinning and what looks like whipping from the ground up through the air, the little boy grabs ahold of the iPod again.

Everything goes dark and Michael lifts his dad’s brand new device up to take another look at it.

Then, he realizes he’s in big trouble. There is a crack across the front of the screen, but Michael tries to play it cool.

He enters the next room, where John is and asks, “Dad, how did your iPod get cracked?”

He tries to pretend he’s innocent, but when his dad takes the music player, he realizes his son is lying — and recording the evidence of his wrongdoing.

Check out this hilarious footage in the video below and please SHARE if your kids have ever tried to get away with something similar!

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