Friends Lure Young Woman To Funeral Without Telling Her She’s The One ‘Inside’ The Casket

by Amy P
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What would you do if you went to meet up with a friend and found out you were attending a funeral instead?

In this incredible clip by “Go For Zero,” five unsuspecting people are set up by their friends for a frightening yet important reason. Instead of meeting up to hang out, they arrive at a funeral, sit down, and find themselves surrounded by people they know and love.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize what’s actually going on. They are at their own funeral, and it’s all a very creepy yet thought-provoking set-up in the face of dangerous and destructive behavior.

The people seated in the funeral home are not actors, but concerned friends and family members who hope this eerie plan is enough to scare their “deceased” loved ones straight.

But why were these people invited to their own funerals in the first place?

Watch the powerful video below to find out. You may have someone in your life who needs to see this, too.

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Video Credit: 20Something / YouTube Channel

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