Parents Express Outrage Over ‘I’m Invisible’ Halloween Costume

by Emerald Pellot
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It’s perhaps one of the most popular costumes for kids this Halloween, yet many parents are outraged that it’s even on the market.

“I wanted it off the shelves immediately!” says Lyss Stern, CEO of Diva Moms. “This costume is extremely dangerous. Children cannot see through the costume, let alone if they are walking across the street the cars can’t see them. They are completely invisible; it is completely dangerous.”

The costume is a completely black body suit and mask with no visible eye holes. At night, kids are able to completely slip into the darkness. Hence why the costume is called “I’m Invisible.”

What’s the big deal? Well, a recent study revealed that “Halloween is the deadliest day of the year,” for young children who go trick-or-treating. Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car.

When small children are barely visible as it is, the invisible costume puts them at greater risk of being hit. (For more appropriate Halloween costumes, see this list of 10 funny ones!)

“If you’re walking and you don’t see, you can maybe bump into something or someone. It’s not a very good costume for Halloween,” says 8-year-old Aneel Ward who wore the costume.

“Even if they are using a glow stick, they are completely invisible. How they could put a costume like this on the market is mind-blowing and totally irresponsible,” says Stern.

See what happens when the costume is put to the test in the middle of the street below.

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