Commenters Criticize Popular Instagram Couple For Risking Their Lives To Get ‘Perfect’ Photos

by Angela Andaloro

It isn’t easy to get the perfect picture, and the social media age has made us more critical than ever.

We’re always chasing after a shot, some for the likes and others for the memories.

For one couple, it’s about both, but at what cost? Instagram couple Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, who run the account Positravelty together, often go to extreme lengths to get the perfect photos of themselves as they travel the globe.

The popular Instagram couple also faces intense scrutiny. Some of their photos bypass risky and head straight to dangerous. Many people wonder why a photo that could cause one or both of them serious harm seems worth it.

Recently, the couple posted a picture where Kelly is hanging off the edge of an infinity pool in Bali, Indonesia. Kody carefully holds her, but the comments quickly point out all the ways this could go wrong.

“Will you also take a picture when she falls to her death?” asked one commenter. Others asked if Kelly was subtly expressing a desire to kill herself.

Other fans came to the couple’s defense, pointing out there’s another pool beneath the one she’s hanging from. Still, the risk seems too great to some.

If you ask Kelly and Kody, they’ll tell you they were perfectly safe. “There’s a lip on the side where my hands were so I had a good grip on that,” Kelly explained. Kody added, “I had a good grip on her as well. If you zoom in on the photo you can see the hold that I have on her arm.”

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