Mom Is Stunned When Her Instacart Delivery Comes With Extra Bag, Along With Note About Her Kids

by Amy P
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Meet Brittany, a hardworking and kindhearted woman from Arvada, Colorado. She’s currently working for Instacart, a grocery delivery and pickup service for busy shoppers who can’t make in-person trips to the store.

Brittany likes to make her job as motivational and fun as possible, while also finding ways to make others happy.

For example, at the start of the pandemic, she kept a small stash of hygiene supplies to give away to shoppers whenever stores ran out. She’d give these items away for free.

One day, Brittany found herself shopping for a woman named Katie — a busy, stressed-out mom of two toddlers who was simply trying to order groceries for her family.

Katie placed an online shopping order at Target and waited for the delivery to arrive.

She was able to chat with Brittany before the order was met, just to make sure everything was squared away.

Nearing the end of their chat, Brittany asked Katie if there was anything else she needed.

“My sanity if you see it, these kids are driving me crazy!” Katie joked. She didn’t think much of the casual, lighthearted comment — but Brittany did.

When Katie’s order arrived, she was shocked to discover an extra bag of groceries and supplies, along with a handwritten message that brought her to tears.

As it turned out, Brittany had taken it upon herself to do some extra shopping for the busy mom — and she paid for these unexpected items with her own money, no strings attached.

“There is still kindness in this crazy world,” Katie told CBS.

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