Inspirational Dancer Challenges Everyone To Change The Way They Think About Beauty

by Paul Morris
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It’s hard to believe that even in 2016, grown men and women are still subject to being bullied online.

Even though there have been countless campaigns to fight online bullying, this still happens every single minute of every single day.

But for one man, whom many online users call “beefy,” he’s decided he won’t listen to what any of those bullies have to say about him.

He’s decided to make it his mission in life to have people change what they think the word “beauty” actually means in the most incredible way possible!

That’s because Erik Cavanaugh is not someone you would normally expect to be a ballet dancer.

When you hear that word, most people have images of slender and graceful ballerinas floating around the stage.

But while Cavanaugh isn’t “slender” by any means, that doesn’t mean he isn’t graceful, talented, and beautiful to watch!

Cavanaugh refuses to give up on his love of dancing, and over the past few months, he’s gained quite a lot of fans who are inspired by what he does!

Please watch the video below if you love watching talented and inspirational people in action!

It’s hard enough to live in this world without someone trying to bring you down. And for Erik Cavanaugh, it seemed like every single time he posted a video of himself practicing ballet and dancing, someone tried to hurt his feelings for no reason.

But instead of giving up on his love of dancing, Cavanaugh decided he didn’t care what people thought of him or what he loved to do. He continued releasing videos of himself dancing, and soon enough, there were far more positive comments than negative.

While he’s not what most of us would first think of when you hear the word “ballerina,” that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have amazing grace and true talent!

His style is fluid yet strong, his jumps are impressive, and his passion for dance is beautiful to watch. His goal is to eventually get on Ellen, and something tells us he’s going to be there soon enough!

His story should inspire all of us. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Follow your own dreams and always do what you love. If anyone tries to bring you down, the best way to respond is to come back even better and stronger! Please watch his amazing moves in the video below. And please SHARE Erik Cavanaugh’s inspiration story if you think everyone should follow their heart!

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