Watch How This Veteran’s Service Dog Soothes Him Of His Nightmares

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald is a writer, illustrator, and a Libra.

Marine veteran Nick Saunders comes from a huge military family. From his grandfather serving in World War II, his father in Vietnam, and his sister in Desert Storm, it was a no-brainer for Nick and his best friend to enlist. Together, they thought they would see the world and serve their country, but then Nick got some of the worst news of his life. His friend stepped on an IED and died. After that, things began to spiral. The Marine witnessed multiple suicides by his military brethren. The pain became unbearable.

Living alone, with his parents in another state, Nick became haunted by the “shadows” of the men he had seen killed. They would wake him up at night, leaving him so shocked he would often pull out his gun in his sleep or sit in the corner and cry. After four years of struggling and with no support from the Department of Veteran Affairs, he decided to make a bold move. Nick showed up in their offices with a firearm. He said that if they didn’t help him, he would take his own life right then and there.

The VA decided to help, and one doctor there made a recommendation. She told Nick that a service dog might be able to help. Still, Nick was skeptical, could a dog really help him overcome his severe trauma? The results left him stunned. See the powerful relationship between a vet haunted by his past and his dog named Winston.

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