Rescue Cats Give Inmates A 2nd Chance At Washington State Prison

by Jillian Gorry
After a short stint as a classically trained singer, Jillian decided to pursue her love of writing by serving a number of publications. She’s an active blogger, traveler, and dog-lover who likes to de-stress by listening to film soundtracks. When she isn’t writing, she’s leveling up her archery and lock-picking skills in yet another video game.

It’s not every day that you get to see the softer side of inmates, but the incredible team at the Washington State Prison is implementing a new program to change all of that.

When I clicked this video, I was prepared for something cute, but this was downright adorable.

When you’re treated to the wonderful sight of a prisoner baby-talking to an absurdly fluffy cat, you know you’re in for a great story.

“As soon as I found out they were gonna do a cat program here, I’m like, ‘Yes! Yes! I just wanna get all over it,'” one inmate says, visibly excited to be charged with the care of Princess Natalie along with his cellmate.

Much like her new human owners, this kitty was facing a bleak future.

She was set to be euthanized when no one would adopt her, but now? All of that is changing, and with it, the hearts of two burly prisoners, too.

There are many programs all across the country where inmates are being paired with dogs in order to find healing and rehabilitation. Music is also a wonderful tool for bringing people in need of a little kindness and support together.

With a few furry felines infiltrating the Washington State Prison, we just might see a revolution in the way we discuss and implement programs for prisoners.

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