Mom Sobs As Infertility Treatment Fails. 4 Years Later, An Uncanny Phone Call Leads To 2 Babies

by Emerald Pellot
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All Alexis and Gabe wanted was to start a family by any means necessary. Whether it was through natural conception or adoption, they were determined to be parents.

However, their journey would prove to be a heartbreaking one.

The two had been trying to get pregnant since they got married. For two years, Alexis received rounds of fertility treatments. The couple tried in vitro fertilization. Sadly, Alexis had two miscarriages. The couple appeared on The Doctors, and with the panel’s help documented their four-year struggle to bring children into their lives.

Alexis was willing to try anything, including changing her diet and looking at new treatments.

Gabe even visited a urologist to see how he could help the situation. They registered with an adoption agency, which they thought would be a solution. Unfortunately, the process was just as deflating.

“While a lot of people jump to adoption right away — and I think it’s a beautiful option — it is just as difficult and painful as struggling with infertility,” Alexis said.

They would think a child was waiting for them, only to have the adoption fall through. But they never gave up hope.

“I’ve never thought that we wouldn’t be parents,” Alexis said tearfully. “That thought has never crossed my mind. It’s just, how much pain do we have to endure until we get there? We just want to be parents.”

After four years of heartache and struggle, Gabe and Alexis returned to The Doctors with unthinkable news. They received a phone call that a baby needed a good home. And you’re not going to believe this: a week, later Alexis discovered she was pregnant without any fertility treatments.

Just like that, the odds of their persistence became stacked in their favor. See how this loving family is unexpectedly juggling two babies at once in the video below.

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