Bike Thief Steals Woman’s Only Mode Of Transportation, Days Later Cops Show Up At Her Door

by Kelly Glass
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When the weather is right, you can find Indiana police officers Stacy Riojas and Roman Williams-Ervin patrolling the Eastside area of Indianapolis on their bikes.

Recently, the officers heard about a woman in their area whose bike — her only mode of transportation — was stolen. Nicki Cotoia relies on her bicycle to get around. Officers Riojas and Williams-Ervin, who have been patrolling the streets of Indianapolis together by bicycle for more than a decade, decided to take matters into their own hands to help.

“We started thinking, we put our heads together, and we really couldn’t come up with any outside resources,” Officer Williams-Ervin said.

Officer Riojas had an extra bike, so the pair loaded it up and visited Nicki with their surprise.

Nicki was certainly grateful. “This bike is a nice bike,” she said. “I’ve never seen this happen. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen and it’s happening to me.”

For Officers Riojas and Williams-Ervin, these seemingly small gestures are part of their goal to create lifelong relationships with the people in their community.

“A lot of that community policing is making connections and breaking down walls and just connecting and humanizing the badge,” Williams-Ervin said.

A stolen bike turned into a happy moment between the three. Watch this story and hear Nicki’s surprised reaction in the video!

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis 

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