Woman Turns Parents’ House Into Christmas Wonderland And People Are Losing It Over Her Creation

by Phil Mutz
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Decorating my family’s house for Christmas was one of my favorite activities every year. We would string lights, decorate the tree, and put up fun and festive lawn ornaments.

But no matter how great we did with transforming our home, I still wanted to drive around the neighborhood to see the other amazing DIY holiday decoration ideas that people had come up with.

And if I had spotted this home on one of those drives as a kid, I would have absolutely screamed with excitement.

I found this amazing project from 2015 on Imgur, where user ChristineHMcConnell turned her parents’ house into an incredible winter wonderland, with a “Hansel and Gretel” twist.

Like with Christine’s DIY spooky Halloween house, this transformation is truly impressive.

Once again, she has managed to create a sense of fun and whimsy, while absolutely capturing the holiday spirit.

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diy christmas candy house

In an effort to really get into the holiday spirit, Christine decided to turn her parents’ house into a delicious candy-themed winter wonderland – one that certainly would have tempted Hansel and Gretel.

diy christmas candy house

Christine used nylon rope to create a kind of netting to throw over the top of the house.

diy christmas candy house

Though she said on Imgur that “getting it on was tricky”, she used the netting to create an icing effect for her DIY candy house’s roof.

diy christmas candy house

As she also did with her Halloween house transformation, Christine used foam-core boards to act as the base for different decorative shapes.

diy christmas candy house

She used her artistic skills to draw and cut out gingerbread men and large candy canes.

diy christmas candy house

Christine needed quite a few candy cane cutouts, as she planned to use them as decorative pillars for the porch, as well as tasty-looking frames for the windows.

diy christmas candy house

In reference to the painting process, she wrote on Imgur, “This was the fun part!”

diy christmas candy house

She really went all-out with creating one-of-a-kind candy decorations to cover the formerly-ordinary house.

diy christmas candy house

She mounted the painted foam board, making sure to highlight the large upstairs windows, where a pretend Gretel would later try to call for help from inside this “candy witch’s house”.

diy christmas candy house

Christine paid great attention to detail, even giving the gingerbread men a slightly frightened appearance.

diy christmas candy house

After all was said and done, Christine had truly transformed her parents’ home into one of the most festive houses in town. She even took this fun, staged photo with herself in the role of the “candy house witch”.

She wrote on Imgur, “My nieces Chloe and Keira played Hansel and Gretel. They’re my favorite people.”

Did you also spot the child playfully staged in the upstairs window?

The results of Christine’s efforts are absolutely spectacular — and commenters on her Imgur post are going crazy for this house!

In fact, to date, over 1.2 million people have checked out photos of her project on Imgur!

diy christmas candy house

Any child in the neighborhood is bound to squeal with delight at seeing her incredible candy wonderland!

To also take a look at Christine’s incredible Halloween monster house, visit our LittleThings article here.

What do you think of Christine’s DIY work? Let us know in the comments.

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