Doctors Accidentally Impregnate Mom With Another Couple’s Baby

by Emerald Pellot
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Carolyn Savage and her husband Sean wanted nothing more than a third child. After two pregnancies, Carolyn’s ability to conceive began to dwindle.

Their third baby was conceived after a decade of trying through IVF. When they wanted their fourth, they decided to use an embryo from their previous IVF treatment. Carolyn was ecstatic to learn she was pregnant with a fourth baby.

But then, doctors gave her devastating news: They had accidentally implanted another couple’s embryo inside of her. She was pregnant, but with someone else’s child. Carolyn and Sean were devastated, but knowing the pain of not being able to conceive, they did something completely selfless: they carried the other couple’s child to term.

“We’re trying to look at it as a gift for another family that eight months ago we didn’t know,” Carolyn said before giving birth and handing the child over to his other parents. “We will wonder about this child every day for the rest of our life.”

Though it isn’t always ideal, surrogates provide a beautiful service to parents who can’t conceive.

The news wasn’t easy for the other couple, though they regard Carolyn as their “guardian angel.”

“All the emotions a woman has during pregnancy to bond with her child I haven’t had,” Shannon Morell, the child’s biological mother, said. “It’s been a very empty feeling. All the emotions from nine months are packed into that one day when I actually get to hold my baby. I never felt the baby kick — none of that.”

See how one couple turned a medical accident into a blessing.

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