I’m Shocked By The Happy Ending To This Orphaned Bunny’s Tale! Unbelievable!

by John

I was ready for the pounce, but what I got instead was an eyeful of precious. Seriously. When Bubbles the rabbit was only a week old her mother died, leaving her all alone.

But not for long. I was blown away to see the family cat pick Bubbles up by the back of her neck just like one of her own kittens and take her to her bed where the other kittens were nursing.

Tell me this wouldn’t be the cutest pet family in the history of pets. An affectionate mother, her cuddly kittens, and the tiny orphaned bunny Bubbles. I have to admit… I’m in awe of Snaggle Puss and her little family, but a little bit jealous of whoever their pet parents are!

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