3-Year-Old With Serious Illness Smiles When She Goes To The Mailbox And Sees Christmas Cards

by Nadine DeNinno
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Mylee Sue is a 3-year-old living in Longview, TX, who suffers from a very serious illness. While some days are easy for her, others are really hard.

In September, Mylee was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, a condition that causes her immune system to attack her brain. Some days she suffers from seizures. Other days, it’s even hard for her to walk or remember her family.

“We’ve had several really hard days,” her mom Susan Ross told LittleThings. “We had to refresh her memory on walking, her speech is in and out, seizures are awful, and she has forgotten that I’m her mommy for a short while, which was absolutely devastating.

She’s been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count since June.”

But the one joy Mylee gets every day is seeing mail delivered to her home and hoping it’s a Christmas card.

Courtesy Susan Ross

To bring her joy this holiday season, her mom Susan Ross asked friends and family to send her Christmas cards.

Courtesy Susan Ross

Now, every day, Mylee and her mom go outside to get the mail and Mylee’s face lights up when she sees a card with her name on it.

Courtesy Susan Ross

“When she opens cards, she gets the biggest smile on her face,” Susan said. “She goes on and on about people sending her letters.”

Courtesy Susan Ross

But Mylee receives Christmas cards from more than just her friends and family. She’s also gotten special mail from Tennessee and Alaska!

Courtesy Susan Ross

While Mylee “will never make a full recovery,” according to her mother, she’s been receiving treatment as well as physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Plus, she gets lots of Christmas cards!

Courtesy Susan Ross

“She loves getting mail and being around her family,” her mom said, which includes a 3-month-old baby sister. “That seems to always keep her spirits up.”

Courtesy Susan Ross

For anyone who would like to send a Christmas card to Mylee, visit her Facebook page!

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