47-Year-Old Identical Twins Do Everything Together, Then Let Cameras In Their Home

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald is a writer, illustrator, and a Libra.

Amy and Becky Glass are identical twin sisters who are extremely close. They wear matching outfits, live together, work together, and even share a bedroom.

The 47-year-olds even eat in equal portions. They’ll carve out identical portions of food, then take identical bites so that they are always the exact same weight.

In fact, during filming, Becky became upset when Amy didn’t cut their granola bar into perfect halves. She felt like one side had too many almonds. Hey, we’ve all got our quirks!

“I would say we’re actually one person in two bodies,” one of twins told Inside Edition.

They work together from home, running a marketing company. They often buy identical clothing items in varying colors. They’ve never slept in separate rooms, and they sleep in twin beds.

“We go to bed at the same exact time and wake up at the same exact time,” one of the twins said.

Dating is the biggest hurdle. They’re not interested in sharing a partner, but in many ways they are a packaged deal.

“I meet a great guy, and I’m like, ‘Hey, got someone for my twin sister? She looks exactly like me!'” one sister said.

Fortunately, these two will never be alone because they will always have each other.

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