Texas Mom Delivers Rare Identical Quadruplets In The Middle Of The Pandemic

by Amy Paige
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Jenny and Chris Marr of Texas were shocked to learn they were pregnant with three babies. Both Jenny and Chris are only children, and there is no history of multiple births in either of their families.

One week later, the exasperated couple received yet another bombshell surprise. They weren’t having triplets … they were having quadruplets!

Not only that, but this set of quads was exceptionally rare; they were four identical quadruplet boys.

Experts say this type of pregnancy happens once in 11 million.

Dr. Brian Rinehart of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital issued a news release, saying, “This situation is so incredibly rare that there are only about 72 documented cases of spontaneous, identical quadruplets ever.”

To top it all off, Jenny’s third trimester came just as the coronavirus pandemic was making its way around the world, thus making the pregnancy and birth even that more stressful and daunting.

Jenny went into labor a bit early, on the exact same day the pandemic broke out — and just one day before Dallas County’s mandatory stay-at-home orders were issued.

Watch the video below to meet these rare and miraculous baby boys, and see how Jenny’s pregnancy story unfolded.

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