Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Very Rare Identical Quadruplets In Magical Photo Shoot

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Little babies are miracles all on their own, but twins, triplets, and quadruplets are particularly special because there is such a slim chance of them happening in the first place.

Many miracle multiple births have taken place throughout the years, ranging from identical twins to fraternal sextuplets.

And after they’re born, their parents usually follow-up with some adorable photos to introduce them to the world, like these newborns nestled in famous works of art.

This was the case for these identical quadruplets who were born in Grande Prairie, Alberta. These four adorable little girls are all identical, which is incredibly uncommon!

However, their especially identical faces at birth created the perfect opportunity for some seriously sweet photos of them bundled together.

And photographer Noelle Mirabella definitely didn’t disappoint, creating pretty flower-filled shots with the identical girls perfectly positioned next to one another.

Check below to see more photos of the four identical babies.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

Tim and Bethani Webb of Grande Prairie, Alberta, gave birth to identical quadruplet girls — the chances of which are one in 15 million!

These girls were the first babies born to the couple and were born using no fertility drugs, which definitely heightens their miraculousness!

To welcome the four unforgettable faces into the world, the new parents had their portraits taken by Noelle Mirabella of Noelle Mirabella Photography.

Mirabella created cute, colorful settings in nature for them to nestle.

She posed them among flowers and even dressed them in adorable bunny ears!

Through the whole shoot, the girls slept peacefully, barely making a sound the entire time.

“The girls were all amazing,” Mirabella recalled to Cosmopolitan. “There were absolutely no tears. In fact, they did not even raise an eyelid. They slept like little angels for the entire shoot.”

She also took advantage of their identical faces, making sure to showcase how similar and doll-like they all looked.

If these photos are any indication, the miracle babies look like they have a fun and photogenic life ahead of them.


The cute quadruplets aren’t the sweet subjects in Mirabella’s photos. 

She also takes photos of other babies, carefully planted in beautiful lush landscapes.

She also creates family photographs with mothers cuddling, swaddling, or breastfeeding their new babies.

Sometimes, she even adds animals into the mix which makes the photos even more adorable!

These photos help capture the beauty, innocence, and natural wonder of children, you just can’t look at them and not feel both happy and peaceful.

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