20 Incredible Iced Coffee Products Every Caffeine Lover Needs

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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As the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing better than getting your caffeine fix with a nice, cold iced coffee.

Just picture this: You’re sitting at brunch with your best friends, eating a delicious breakfast, and sipping on a perfectly sweetened iced coffee — doesn’t that sound like a perfect weekend morning?

Whether you make your coffee at home or buy it at a coffee shop, you know just how crucial it is for your daily energy. This year, ramp up your coffee consumption by buying yourself some new iced coffee products.

Everyone could use some more coffee in their lives, so stock your cabinets with pitchers, carafes, travel mugs, and other accessories!

Even if you don’t like coffee, chances are someone in your life is a huge fan, so these could be great gifts for them. From lattes to cold brew, the options are limitless.

Check out these 20 perfect iced coffee products — and good luck keeping your wallet in your purse.

1. "Iced Coffee Addict" T-Shirt, $21


This “Iced Coffee Addict” T-shirt is perfect for a casual weekend. Wear it to your yoga class, out for brunch with your friends, or when you’re just running errands. This shirt comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, storm, heather blue, mint, aqua, purple, lilac, peach, raspberry, mauve, and maroon.

Buy it from Etsy for $21.

2. Travel Mug Iced Coffee Maker, $29.99

travel mug

This is the mug of iced coffee lovers’ dreams. Not only does it keep your iced coffee cold for hours, it can actually turn hot coffee into iced coffee! That’s right, you can turn freshly brewed hot coffee into a nice chilled beverage in just minutes. Plus, you don’t have to water down your coffee with ice!

Buy it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

3. Hand-Stamped Coffee Spoons, $16.99

coffee spoons

These adorable coffee spoons are perfect for hot or iced coffee. The spoons say “Not Your Average Joe,” “Rise and Grind,” “Whole Latte Love,” and “Perk Up.” The antique-inspired spoons are so cute, and they have so much personality.

Buy the set of four from Cost Plus World Market for $16.99.

4. Iced Coffee Pillow, $50.99

coffee pillow

Make your home decor match your personality with this one-of-a-kind throw pillow! With this pillow, everyone who comes to your house will know exactly what you love most in life: iced coffee.

Buy it from Wayfair for $50.99.

5. Mermaid Scales Iced Coffee Cozy, $6

iced coffee cozy

If there’s one problem with drinking iced coffee, it’s that it always makes your hand cold! Solve that problem with an iced coffee cozy — it’ll absorb the condensation and keep your drink cool! This adorable cozy has mermaid scales on it, so it’s perfect for the summer.

Buy it from Etsy for $6.

6. Glass Iced Coffee Carafe, $29.99


If one glass of iced coffee doesn’t cut it for you, it’s probably time to upgrade to a carafe or pitcher. This double-walled glass carafe will keep your coffee cold and prevent condensation. This beautiful pitcher comes complete with a cork lid and holds up to 24 oz. of liquid.

Buy it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

7. Iced Coffee Heart Necklace, $44

coffee necklace

This beautiful charm necklace is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with iced coffee. The necklace has a 17-inch gold-filled chain and a 14-karat gold-filled charm. It’s handmade and made to order, and it has absolutely incredible reviews.

Buy it from Etsy for $44.

8. Manual Coffee Grinder, $29.99

coffee grinder

There’s nothing better than freshly ground coffee. Grind the beans yourself with this manual coffee grinder. Featuring an adjustable grind size, this walnut-and-gold grinder is super stylish.

Buy it from Cost Plus World Market for $29.99.

9. Iced Coffee Sweatshirt, $24.99

coffee sweatshirt

This cozy iced coffee sweatshirt is perfect for comfy days at home. It comes in a number of colors, including black, antique sapphire, antique cherry red, Carolina blue, garnet, heliconia, navy, purple, red, white, cardinal red, and royal blue.

Buy it from Etsy for $24.99.

10. Iced Coffee Pin, $10

coffee pin

This sweet enamel pin belongs in your pin collection! It has a ton of five-star reviews — commenters rave about the quality of the pin. Plus, shipping is very fast!

Buy it from Etsy for $10.

11. "Coffee Saves Lives" T-Shirt, $29.99

coffee saves lives

Everyone who is addicted to caffeine knows just how important it is to drink a daily cup of joe (or three or four). Show off your love for coffee with this unique cutout shirt.

Buy it from T.J. Maxx for $29.99.

12. Stainless Steel "Ice" Cubes, $24.99

stainless steel ice cubes

If you hate it when ice cubes water down your iced coffee, you should replace your boring old ice cubes with these stainless steel ones. Just stick them in the freezer for a few hours, then drop them into your iced drink to keep it cold without diluting the flavor!

Buy them from Wayfair for $24.99.

13. Minimalist Coffee Canister, $8.99

coffee canister

This white ceramic coffee canister will look elegant on any countertop. Instead of keeping bags of coffee beans on your counter or in your pantry, keep all your coffee contained in this beautiful canister.

Buy it from Cost Plus World Market for $8.99.

14. Iced Coffee Socks, $13.07

coffee socks

If you love lounging around the house with a huge glass of iced coffee, you definitely need these “If you can read this, bring me an iced coffee” socks. These are perfect for anyone who drinks iced coffee all year, even when it’s freezing outside.

Buy it from Etsy for $13.07.

15. "Smash the Patriarchy" Tumbler, $14.95

patriarchy tumbler

This tumbler is perfect for every feminist out there. The colorful plastic Mason jar says, “Drink your coffee, the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself.” The sea-glass-colored jar holds 25 oz. of coffee, and it comes with a lid and straw.

Buy it from Etsy for $14.95.

16. Iced Coffee French Press, $9.99

french press

If you’re always spending a ton of money on iced coffee, you should try making it at home! With this French press, making iced coffee has never been easier — all you need is some water and your favorite coffee beans.

Buy it from T.J. Maxx for $9.99.

17. "Iced Iced Baby" Tumbler, $17

iced iced baby

This skinny “Iced Iced Baby” coffee tumbler is not only funny but practical, too. Because it’s a thin bottle, it’ll fit into any cup holder, which makes it perfect for the car. The acrylic tumbler holds up to 16 oz. of liquid.

Buy it from Etsy for $17.

18. Ice Drip and Cold Brew Maker, $34.99

cold brew ice drip

This two-in-one glass carafe is perfect for making classic cold brew or ice drip cold brew. The classic cold brew takes six to eight hours, while the ice drip takes 12 to 24 hours.

Buy it from Cost Plus World Market for $34.99.

19. Tank Top, $22.03

tank top

Now that it’s almost summer, everyone could use a new tank top — so why not buy this comfy “Ok, but first iced coffee” one? The fabric is super soft, and the shirts fit true to size. The tank top comes in a variety of colors, like gray, black, light pink, purple, royal blue, orange, green, navy, white, hot pink, and military green.

Buy it from Etsy for $22.03.

20. Cold Brew Infuser, $39.99

infuser carafe

This glass-and-steel cold brew infuser is perfect for making cold brew overnight. Just add your favorite coffee grounds to the filter, then add water and let it sit in the fridge. The resulting cold brew will be strong and less acidic than hot coffee.

Buy it from Cost Plus World Market for $39.99.

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