Woman Ice Skates Around The Most Beautiful Scenery In The World

by Paul Morris
Paul is a proud Southerner who enjoys long walks in the woods, sweet tea, and watching movies. He’s also an expert pastry chef and will share his rhubarb-berry pie recipe with just about anyone who asks. He loves America and playing with animals of all kinds. When he isn't writing about the things he loves most, you can find him in the great outdoors!

When Bradley Friesen asked his friend if she wanted to “go on an adventure” she had no idea what was in store for her.

But looking back, she’s certainly happy that she chose to take a chance and say “Yes!”

The only thing she would need for her great adventure was her old pair of ice skates. While she certainly loved to skate and wasn’t bad at it at all, she was never an Olympic professional, and on top of everything, she hadn’t been ice skating in over four years.

Bradley Friesen is an accomplished helicopter pilot, and even though he likes to fly fast and low, his skill behind the controls are so impressive that he’s managed to build a huge audience on his YouTube page!

And after a bit of flying over the beautiful mountains enjoying the scenery, he pointed to a spot and took the chopper down for a soft landing.

She got out of the helicopter, put her skates on, and started to skate while looking at some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Friesen took off again and flew around her, filming the whole experience for her to relive, and for the world to enjoy!

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