Master Chef Says This Ice Cube Trick Is The Secret To A Perfect Hamburger

by Amy Paige
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The secret ingredient to the perfect and most delicious homemade hamburger? Some clever chefs are now saying it’s a single ice cube.

It all started with MasterChef judge Graham Elliot, who revealed to Fox News that ice cubes can make the perfect grill accessory.

While constructing the patty, simply place an ice cube in the middle. Then roll and wrap the meat around the cube and pop it onto the grill.

Graham also notes that hamburger patties should consist only of meat — not other ingredients you’d typically use for a meatball, like peppers and onions. And for extra juiciness, you should also always wait a few minutes before taking your first bite.

In the clip below, The Doctors explain why the ice cube makes your burgers taste even better.

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