Mom Delivers Identical Twin Boys, But 13 Days Later, She Notices One Starts To Look Different

by Barbara Diamond
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Laraib, a preschool teacher from Pakistan, married her fiancé in July 2014. The happy couple couldn’t wait to start their family.

In June 2015, Laraib gave birth to twin boys. The delivery went off without a hitch and both babies looked healthy.

Five days later, one of the twins, Ibtisam, developed a severe fever.

Doctors examined Ibtisam but sent him home, saying his vitals looked normal.

But then, one week later, Ibtisam suddenly went limp and collapsed in Laraib’s arms. His skin was turning blue.

Nothing could have prepared Laraib and her family for what happened next.

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Laraib Faisal

Laraib Faisal is a preschool teacher from Pakistan.

In July 2014, Laraib got married to her husband. Soon after, the happy couple was thrilled to learn they were going to have a baby.

Laraib was blessed with twin boys in June 2015. Everything was healthy and normal — until five days after the boys were born.

Laraib Faisal

While one twin was perfectly healthy, the other twin, Ibtisam, had a severe fever. Laraib rushed him to the doctor, but was sent home.

Eight days later, Ibtisam fainted in Laraib’s arms and turned blue. Doctors diagnosed him with meningitis.

Laraib Faisal

Ibtisam has been fighting for his life ever since.

During his meningitis treatment, this brave baby boy underwent lumber puncture procedure.

Doctors noticed his head was beginning to swell to the point he developed post-meningitis hydrocephalus, which causes excess water on the brain.

Laraib Faisal

Laraib and her family spent whatever money they have on his treatment.

Unfortunately, Ibtisam had to wait for necessary shunt placement surgery because the bacteria in his CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) was so high that it was too dangerous to place a shunt.

While he waited for surgery, his craniofacial disease was treated with high potency antibiotics and painful carnial taps.

Laraib says it was heartbreaking to watch her baby boy get head injections.

Laraib Faisal

At six months old, Ibtisam was finally cleared for shunt placement surgery, but he also developed craniosynostosis.

He couldn’t sleep with his eyes closed. He couldn’t turn himself while sleeping.

Laraib Faisal

“As a mother, it’s very hard for me to see my one baby perfectly alright playing, and the other lying helplessly,” Laraib told LittleThings.

Laraib Faisal

Today, Ibtisam is 1 year and 3 months old. He continues to defy the odds and be brave.

“He still gets seizures but he’s a brave boy,” Laraib told LittleThings. “He tries to hold his feeder with his hand. He tries to talk, he moves his lower body.

However, Laraib and her husband have never once lost hope.

Laraib Faisal

Ibtisam needs massive surgery for his skull deformity. Unfortunately, this type of procedure is not available in Pakistan’s best hospital, so the family must travel abroad.

As a mother’s request, Laraib wants to share Ibtisam’s efforts and struggle with the world.

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