I Tried The Ta-Ta Towel On My 34DDD Chest To See If It’s Worth The Hype

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Let’s talk about my Ta-Ta Towel trial.

But first, some backstory: When I was in middle school, I was one of the first girls to wear a bra.

Having gotten my period at a very young age, I developed very quickly, and it seemed like overnight I went from Flat Stanley to Pamela Anderson.

As a 12-year-old girl, though, having boobs isn’t an accomplishment like it is when you’re in your 20s. In gym class, my boobs would jiggle and sweat as if I were racing Usain Bolt. (In reality, I was playing kickball for maybe 30 minutes, but that was more than enough to create a puddle of sweat under my then-C-cups.)

If you haven’t already gathered, boob sweat has always been a huge problem for me, so when I first heard about the Ta-Ta Towel, I was intrigued.

This towel was still on pre-order, so I didn’t have much customer feedback to go on. However, testimonials on the website rave that it is “sooo comfy, I never want to take it off.” Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding even call it a “go-to” for sore boobs!

I live and breathe big-boob problems, so I needed to try the Ta-Ta Towel for myself to see it really could cure my boob-sweat problems.

What Is The Ta-Ta Towel?

<u> What Is The Ta-Ta Towel? </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

The Ta-Ta Towel made headlines recently with its claim to “keep them high” and “keep them dry.” In other words, the Ta-Ta Towel is a towel designed specifically to wipe up and absorb boob sweat in a comfortable way.

Unfortunately, this towel isn’t designed for smaller-chested ladies. The Ta-Ta Towel comes in three sizes, but so far those are only made for a C-cup to an H-cup.

On the website, you can choose from several different patterns, and each handmade towel retails for $45.

How Does It Work?

<u> How Does It Work? </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

Basically, the Ta-Ta Towel wraps around your neck, and an adjuster makes it easy to get comfortable in your terry cloth.

When I first took my towel out of the packaging, I had no idea how it was going to stay in place, because my adjuster wasn’t set up for my particular boobs and couldn’t hold them up. However, once I adjusted my towel to keep my boobs lifted, I had zero problems.

Once you get the hang of the towel, it’s easy to use!

My Experiences With Boob Sweat

<u> My Experiences With Boob Sweat </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

As a 34DDD who works out almost every day, I struggle with boob sweat on the regular. Even if I’m just standing on the subway platform for five minutes, doing nothing, my boobs can’t help but start to build up a pile of sweat.

By the time I get home every day, after hours of walking around the city, my boobs are begging for reprieve.


<u> Expectations </u>
Morgan Greenwald/LittleThings

Going into this experiment, I had my reservations about the Ta-Ta Towel. For one, why do I need a towel specifically designed for boob sweat when I can just wipe under my boobs with a regular towel? And for $45, how often will I use a towel just for my boobs?

However, I was pretty desperate for a solution to my boob struggles, and I was ready to give the Ta-Ta Towel a try.

First Impressions

<u> First Impressions </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

WOW. I’m so sorry I ever doubted you, Ta-Ta Towel.

As soon as I adjusted my towel to fit my boobs, it was like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. Not only was my underboob sweat gone, but I could walk around my apartment, shirt-free, without a care in the world.

Is It Comfortable?

<u> Is It Comfortable? </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

More shocking to me than the effectiveness of the Ta-Ta Towel was its comfort. Even though I was wearing the towel around my neck all night, I completely forgot that I was wearing anything at all.

The towel hugs the boobs nicely, so it’s easy to just throw it on and let it work its magic while you cook, clean, eat, and lounge. I almost forgot to take my towel off before I fell asleep — that’s how comfortable it is.

How It Felt While Lounging

<u> How It Felt While Lounging </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

I watched TV for about three hours in my Ta-Ta Towel, and it felt like my boobs were being held up by a terrycloth angel.

The Ta-Ta Towel is the perfect loungewear because, unlike a bra, it doesn’t poke and prod at you with underwire. Instead, the Ta-Ta Towel will cradle your girls and let them breathe while you lounge and relax. It’s the best of both worlds!

How It Felt While Cooking

<u> How It Felt While Cooking </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

I was nervous about my Ta-Ta Towel falling off and exposing my breasts, but once I adjusted my towel to fit my boobs, I didn’t have a single slip-up.

It felt a little strange to cook and eat dinner in my Ta-Ta Towel (because I don’t generally cook naked), but it was also nice not to worry about getting food on my shirt.

How It Felt While Getting Ready

<u> How It Felt While Getting Ready </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

Quite possibly the best use for the Ta-Ta Towel is getting rid of post-shower residue.

After I took a shower, I threw on my Ta-Ta Towel to wipe up the water under my boobs, and after just a few seconds with the towel on, my boobs were completely dry. I didn’t want to take my towel off, but unfortunately, I don’t think people in my office would be happy if I showed up wearing a Ta-Ta Towel as a shirt.

How It Felt After The Gym

<u> How It Felt After The Gym </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

After a grueling barre class, I couldn’t wait to strip off my sweaty clothes and throw on my Ta-Ta Towel. Within seconds, my once-sweaty boobs were as dry as the Sahara.

I seriously can’t believe how effective the Ta-Ta Towel is. If you’re a gym rat like I am, I would definitely consider keeping a Ta-Ta Towel in your gym bag!

Final Thoughts

<u> Final Thoughts </u>
Morgan Greenwald / LittleThings

Ladies, I am not joking when I say that this towel has changed my life. I am looking forward to going home tonight, stripping off my shirt and bra, and throwing on my Ta-Ta Towel.

If you’ve been blessed with a big chest, then you will love this towel — not just because it soaks up boob sweat, but because it’s comfortable. It’s almost impossible for those of us with big boobs to do anything without a bra (because — let’s be honest — it just hurts), but this towel is the closest I think we’ll ever get to being truly braless.

For $45, you will get your money’s worth out of the Ta-Ta Towel.