‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ Star Opens Up About Losing Her Son To Tragic Drug Addiction

by Kate Taylor
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You probably know Barbara Eden for her starring role in I Dream of Jeannie.

In the show, Barbara’s character Jeannie was known for being bubbly, happy, and even a little mischievous. While Jeannie used magic in the show, Barbara says she felt magic in her real life when her first son, Matthew, was born.

Amazingly, Barbara still filmed the series throughout her pregnancy. Of course, her usually exposed belly had to be disguised for a while. Barbara describes the time as “heaven” for being able to work and become a new mom at the same time, which made her feel “so productive.”

She describes having her son Matthew as the most wonderful thing that ever happened in her life.

Matthew grew up healthy and strong. Barbara had no reason to think that there was anything serious going on in his life. One day, Barbara thought Matthew was attending city college, and noticed he’d forgotten his books. Being the good mother she is, Barbara decided to drive his books over.

Sadly, she discovered that her son wasn’t there at the time, and would soon find out that he wasn’t even enrolled in school. Barbara eventually uncovered the fact that her beloved son was struggling with heroin addiction. He spent the next decade or so in and out of rehab.

Just when Matthew began showing improvement before his wedding, he tragically overdosed on heroin.

Surprisingly, Barbara bravely explains, “I remember the good times, that’s what I remember.”

Watch the star explain the experience in her own words in the video blow.

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