Security Camera Catches Husky Stealing Bread From Store. Later That Night, She Returns For More

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Every store owner’s worst nightmare is a crafty thief.

However, one California store’s employees could do nothing but laugh after they were robbed one night.

That’s because they knew that the thief was not intending to harm them.

In fact, the robber had no idea that she was doing anything wrong at all!

A store’s security camera footage caught a canine suspect blatantly trying to escape with a loaf of bread in her mouth. The husky walked into the store by herself, sauntered over to the bread, and snagged it for her own!

The dog managed to escape the first attempt at robbery. However, she did return later that night to give it a second go — this time with an accomplice.

The two huskies were caught this time, and both are doing just fine. The Shafter Police Department wrote a post on their Facebook page letting the public know that these two bandits are now in custody and that no charges are being pressed against them.

They are both being held at the local animal shelter until their owners claim them.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? I would be quite all right with playing the victim to these two sweet little bandits. I’d save that security camera footage from that night, though, that’s for sure!

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Thumbnail Source: Facebook / Shafter Police Department

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