Husband Almost Dies Waiting For New Kidney Until Wife Finds Out She’s His Perfect Match

by Jess Butler
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Mark Goldman was working as a forensic investigator. While transporting a body for a case, his van broke down.

Out of nowhere, his body began overheating, and he needed immediate medical attention. As he got to the hospital, he received the worst news he could’ve ever imagined.

Mark needed a new kidney — but that wasn’t all.

In the video below, posted on September 5, 2017, Mark explains, “It was like, overnight, I was being told I had to go on dialysis, and the only treatment after that would be a transplant.”

He wasn’t in the best condition and almost died several times while waiting for a new kidney.

Then, his wife, Christine, decided to see if her kidney was a match. She didn’t believe she would actually be a match but wanted to give her husband some hope and help him carry on. She learned that their prayers had been answered.

She was a perfect match and donated her kidney to Mark so he would no longer have to suffer.

Now, having shared this life-changing experience together, Mark and Melody are stronger than ever. What do you think of this couple’s dedication to one another?

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