Man Carries A Giant Table Out Into The Snow, Then Attempts To Clear His Driveway

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Does your husband ever do some questionable things that you just wish you could record and share with the world so everyone can get a laugh? Or at least understand what you deal with? Assuming he’s like any other man in the world, I bet the answer is yes.

Although I’m not married, I do hope to be married one day, even though I know that most husbands and wives have a (hopefully) comical, never-ending banter between them.

And that includes both parties doing some things that the other may think is amusing at times, which is exactly what happens in the video below. This woman decided to do exactly what many women out there don’t: She shared it with the world!

The video shows her husband walking outside into the snow with a large plastic folding table — and no, he’s not going to sled with it.

Instead, he makes it useful. He proves that you don’t need a shovel to, well, shovel.

He sticks the table to the ground and sweeps the snow away with big pushes across his driveway.

Then he even takes it to his walkway leading to the front door, sticking it the other way around!

His wife is recording and laughing throughout the whole thing, but honestly, this guy is pretty smart, don’t you think?

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