Wife Divorces Him Because He’s Too Nice, Then Judge Asks If She Lost Her Mind

by Emerald Pellot
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Rashida Lucas decided to divorce her husband of five years, TP Lucas. When TP told Judge Lynn Toler that everything was going fine and he had no clue why his wife wanted a divorce, the judge was skeptical.

Judge Toler then asked Rashida her side of the story and was floored by the wife’s response.

“Everything was wonderful. We were best friends, I believe he is my soul mate. Everything was fine, except he was too nice,” Rashida told the judge.

Judge Toler couldn’t believe her ears. Rashida complained that her husband told her he loved her too often, that he treated her too well, and that he made her gain weight.

When the judge asked how her husband “made” her gain weight, Rashida said he would cook her four-course, delicious meals, and she couldn’t help herself.

When asked if TP minded her weight gain, the husband did not.

“I made the promise to be for keeps, this wasn’t to be playing around,” the confused husband told the judge.

The more Rashida went on about how her husband was too nice, the more Judge Toler lost it.

“So your complaint is that this man cooked too often and too well? Mrs. Lucas, have you lost your mind?” Judge Toler said. “I have women coming in here whose men are leaving them because they got too heavy: they won’t cook, they won’t clean, they won’t pick up the house, they’re unkind, they’re controlling. You have got a guy who cooks for you. You have got a guy who doesn’t care what size you are. You have got a guy who tells you that he loves you without being prompted or looking for sex. And you’re telling me you want to leave him?”

I think we can all learn something from this marriage: no one who takes you for granted is worth your time.

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