Caring Husband Takes Care Of Wife Suffering From Dementia

by Anna Halkidis
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I think we’ve all heard those famous wedding vows “in sickness and in health” and “til death do us part.”

But, how many really mean it? Well, when looking at spouses who can’t live a day without each other  like the Iowa couple who died one hour apart after 72 years of marriage  it’s clear that many do abide by these meaningful words.

Below is another real-life couple shown in a promo for AARP Health Insurance that will also make you believe in true love (if you don’t already).

Ken Takeya has spent a decade taking wonderful care of his wife, Charlotte, who struggles with a form of dementia. The condition affects a person’s memory, thinking, and everyday routine. And there are about 47.5 people suffering from it worldwide, according to statistics.

In Charlotte’s case, her dementia was a symptom of normal pressure hydrocephalus, which means she had fluid in her brain. But, she still experienced many of the same complications.

Despite the challenges, the caring husband has become her caregiver along with some help from the couple’s two sons. He takes her temperature, checks her blood pressure, brushes her teeth, and helps her take her medicine among other duties.

“She’s getting better slowly. She’s eating regular food now and can recognize more and more people,” he told AARP of his wife’s condition.

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