Husband Takes $800 From Vacation Fund Without Asking Wife, But Her Response Leaves Him Stunned

by Kim Wong-Shing
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When it comes to spending money from a joint account, most married couples have their own specific rules to abide by.

For many couples, spending $800 without consulting your spouse would be a major no-no. But in this one specific case, a wife was applauding her husband rather than scolding him.

An anonymous woman uploaded a screenshot of her text exchange with her husband, James, on Imgur, a popular image-sharing site. First, James texted her that he had to tell her a story.

“I know you won’t be upset because you’re my amazing, one in a million soulmate,” he wrote.

Her reaction was extremely relatable: “Oh boy.”

James went on to explain that he’d taken $800 from the budget for their upcoming vacation. With the missing money, they’d only be able to go on vacation for six days instead of eight.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” he wrote.

But when James’ wife heard his heartwarming explanation, she couldn’t help but cut him some slack.

“We’ll talk when I get home but I am so proud of you,” she replied.

James is not only this anonymous woman’s husband. He’s also a teacher, and he recently noticed that one of his students continually wore the same outfit to class.

The student wore just a hoodie and sneakers. As the weather got colder, James became concerned.

“I didn’t think much of it the first time but it’s an everyday thing now so I asked him to stay after class because I’m worried, it’s freezing outside and he could get sick,” James explained.

After talking with his student, James learned that the boy lives with his grandpa, who’s retired and has a small pension.

The student juggles school and a part-time job, but the family struggles to pay for bills and food.

So James decided to step up and help.

He took $800 from the vacation budget that he and his wife were supposed to share, and he used it to take his student shopping for food and clothes.

It was a noble thing to do, but then he had to tell his wife about the missing $800.

The wife uploaded the screenshots of the exchange to Imgur.

As you can see, she was a bit skeptical of her husband at first.

She gave a hilarious “oh boy” in response to his text about her not being upset.

But once James finished his entire story, his wife was nothing but proud.

She even offered to host the student and his grandfather for Christmas.

After the screenshots became popular on Imgur, a Reddit user shared them on the forum, where people had to try their very best not to cry.

Many people completely agreed with James’ wife — he’s a good egg, and he did the right thing. If you have money to spare, why not help out?

One commenter was reminded of their own parents.

And others immediately thought of whether their partners would be similarly generous.

This is what kindness looks like, folks. Not just during Christmas, but all year round.