Wife Discovers Husband’s ‘Sexy’ Selfies He Posted On Facebook While Home Alone With Baby

by Amy Paige
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Brandon Sillings, 31, is a specialist in the US Army. When he’s not deployed and fighting for our country, he’s home with his wife Felicia and their two adorable kids.

One day while he was home alone with the children, Brandon decided to do something behind Felicia’s back.

While feeding the baby and doing the daily chores, Brandon wanted to sneak in some “sexy selfies” around the house, then post them on Facebook for all to see.

Brandon tagged Felicia in the photos, but she didn’t see them until she arrived back home.

Upon finding the photos, a perplexed Felicia shouted, “What is this?!”

But as she began scrolling through, she started laughing until she cried…

Ah, the sexy selfie. Perhaps you’ve taken one of your own. Or perhaps you’ve been the recipient.

The sensual pout, the smoldering eyes, the flattering lighting — there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into the perfect shot.

However, the husband and father you’re about to meet has turned the definition of a “sexy selfie” on its head.

Brandon and Felicia Sillings have been together for seven years.

Brandon is a specialist in the US Army, but he loves nothing more than spending time with his family.

He and Felicia have two adorable children.

Recently, Brandon was home alone with the kids and wanted to make Felicia smile while she was away.

When Felicia came home, she discovered he had tagged her in a bunch of Facebook photos he’d taken throughout the day.

Upon finding the photo series, she yelled, “What is this?!”

As she began scrolling through, Felicia realized Brandon had snapped a series of “sexy selfies” that left her in hysterics.

First up was this smoldering snapshot of Brandon in action.

Vacuuming is so sexy…

So is cleaning the kitchen sink.

“Here’s a man who knows what women want,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

Feeding the baby with his signature stoic expression?


He folded the clothes, too.

That’s hot!

Now he’s doing the laundry, complete with a sexy bottom lip bite.

Go on… take out that trash!

Diaper duty has never looked so…

Dare we say…


“Sexiest pics I’ve ever seen!” another impressed commenter said.

Brandon never expected his photos to go massively viral, with over 400,000 shares and 80,000 comments, making him a bona fide internet sensation and modern-day sex symbol.

It’s awesome to see this family has such a great sense of humor — and a couple who shares in their household responsibilities with pride.

Awesome job, Brandon. You make fatherhood really look good.