Camera Catches Husband Trying To Prank His Wife, Then She Drives Through His Pile Of Leaves

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

The saying “we fight like an old married couple” has been around for decades now.

But for the married couple you’re about to meet, it seems like pranking is more their thing, rather than fighting.

Which I guess can be a great reminder to keep things young and continue to laugh with each other.

But this time, the husband nearly died because of his silly prank.

First, he talks to the camera, telling us that he’s going to scare his wife by jumping out of a pile of leaves when she gets home.

But after setting up the camera and burying himself underneath the leaves, the phone rings.

You hear him even get annoyed at the fact that he has to get up and answer it.

But the phone call ends up saving his life.

Seconds later, his wife comes home, and he doesn’t get to scare her. But he’s completely scared after seeing her drive right through his pile of leaves!

He says this taught him to never prank his wife.

Although this is a scary moment caught on tape, its comic relief comes in at the end and is definitely worth the watch.

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