Wife Plays Back Her Makeup Tutorial And Her Husband Ridiculously Narrates Her Steps

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

If you wear makeup, you most likely agree that there is a subtle, if not huge, difference that you see in the mirror with and without it.

But some people, who are usually our boyfriends, husbands, or friends, refuse to admit there is a difference. And often they make fun of us for the way we put it on, for wearing it at all, or even for spending money on it.

While sometimes that can be taken as a compliment because these people are telling us we don’t need makeup, it’s still sometimes frustrating to argue your own point.

And the woman you’re about to meet, Sarah Yarborough, clearly gets a lot of comments from her hubby, Chase.

So much so, that after she made one of her makeup tutorial videos, she then played it back to hear nothing but her husband’s commentary coming through.

He hysterically explains each and every step his wife takes, literally and with completely made-up makeup terms.

Everything he says is probably what every man in the world thinks when they see their wife, girlfriend, friend, or daughter put makeup on. And although we may love it and continue to wear it, you’ll have to admit this man has some points in his narration!

Every couple should watch this video!

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