Dad Walks Bride Down The Aisle, But Her Fiancé Was Put In Hospice Care Days Earlier

by Nicoletta Richardson

There’s nothing worse than finding out a loved one is terminally ill and that you only have a short period of time with them left.

But it’s all about making the best of a bad situation — and believing that anything is possible with a little bit of hope.

On February 11, 2017, Kevin Sochanchak and Ashley Wood tied the knot, a date that marked 11 years since Kevin and Ashley officially started dating. But there’s so much more to their journey than what meets the eye. 

In 2011, Ashley was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Just three years later, Kevin was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and was told he only had six months to live.

Due to the uncertainty their diseases brought into life, the couple kept putting off their wedding plans, but finally pushed to make the date final when they won a contest at a banquet hall — allowing them to have a wedding that would be totally paid for. On top of it all, Kevin completely defied the odds and lived three years beyond what was expected.

But unfortunately, just days before their wedding, Kevin was put in hospice care. However, that didn’t stop him from having the wedding of his dreams with the love of his life, and making a memory he’ll never forget.

And Kevin did much more than attend his wedding — he danced, smiled, and laughed. As for the future? Kevin and Ashley believe it looks bright, despite what doctors have told them. After all they’ve been through, the now-married couple feels like they can overcome anything.

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