Brave Husband Sees Wife Being Mauled By Great White Shark And Refuses To Let It Take Her Life

by Amy P
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Chantelle and Mark, a married couple from Australia, thought they were in for a day of fun in the sun when they went surfing off the coast of New South Wales.

It was a Saturday morning, and the couple were eager to get into the water. But it wasn’t long before Mark looked back and saw his 35-year-old wife getting violently knocked off her surfboard.

As Mark paddled his way over to Chantelle to help, he realized the horrifying truth: Chantelle was being attacked by a great white shark.

According to Wikipedia, there are only three species of sharks (out of 489) that cause a double-digit number of fatal and unprovoked attacks on humans: great white, tiger, and bull sharks.

The predator had already gripped its massive teeth onto Chantelle’s right calf muscle and thigh — and was refusing to let her go.

Mark knew it would be only a matter of seconds before the shark pulled her down into the water.

“You see the mother of your child, your support, everything … so you just react … all I could think is just ‘get off.'”

Watch the video below to see how Mark was able to snap into rescue mode and ultimately save his wife from certain doom.

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