Mom’s 40th Birthday Ends In Horror And Husband Fights Back When Insurance Drops Her Rehab

by June Rivers
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Jen and Brian Granek fell in love as teenagers. They went on to get married and have three children together.

Jen was described as a vibrant active mom and brilliant accountant.

In October 2015, the Maryland couple was celebrating Jen’s 40th birthday in Costa Rica when life changed in an instant. Jen and Brian were riding separate ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) when she drove over a steep embankment.

Brian had no clue what he was about to find when he got to the other side. And what he found was terrifying.

Jen had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. She underwent brain surgery and was in a coma.

She required speech, physical and occupational therapy several times a week.

It was as if she was trapped inside her own body. She was never again the same.

Then, about one year after the horrific accident, part of Jen’s insurance coverage was suddenly dropped. In article from WBAL, Brian says the family received abrupt notice from her insurance company one hour before the close of business. “Today’s the last day we’re going to cover anything,” they said, cutting Jen off completely.

Brian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The insurance company said they were pulling the therapy coverage as Jen only required custodial care!

But Jen’s medical team, on the other hand, said limiting her care could prevent her from improving — and Brian has made it his mission to do whatever it takes to get his wife back.

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